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We believe in digital solutions that are sustainable for the real world.

We create and design digital products and services for better experience, business growth, and new opportunities.

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Our Values

Many companies search for a purpose.

Medianetic was born with one.

Medianetic value to lead by example

Lead by example

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Our Expertise


Having a digital marketing strategy is essential for every business. We believe that effective digital marketing comes from having the right strategies that will help you drive more sales, business acquisitions, and lead conversions. 

What makes us different from the rest? Our approach is centered on creating a website that goes beyond beauty. We strive to provide you with a sustainable and functional website that consistently ranks well, pulls in traffic, and strengthens your overall brand.

Ensuring your visitors have a satisfactory and seamless experience with the impression of your website, app, software, or product  is critical. UI/UX design is  essential for customer retention and sales.

Apps...can't live without 'em. We’re here to make app development a seamless experience for you. Our approach focuses on providing a holistic solution to app development, which in turn, will be with you for many years to come.

Logo, marketing collateral, brand kit and need them, we've got them. Leverage our background in design and marketing to help you stay ahead.

Videos are a surefire way to get audiences interested in what you're trying to broadcast. Whether you're sharing your message by animation or through VR experiences, they need to be effective in their communication. Leverage our years of experience in video creation and elevate your business.

About Us


Digital Solutions
for the Real World.

We believe strongly in strategies and solutions that will not only benefit you now, but in the long run too.

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Our Expertise


Google Analytics digital marketing tool

Google Analytics Certified

Hubspot Cert for marketing automation

Hubspot Certified

Hootsuite Cert for social media marketing

Hootsuite Social Media Certified

Google Ads Certified

Google Digital Garage Cert

Google Digital Marketing Certified



Our Partners

Engineers, Developers, Designers,
Marketers, Businessmen, Artists, Consultants, Entrepreneurs.

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Our Blog


  • In our previous blog, we wrote about how inclusive website designs benefit all users, regardless of their abilities. Imagine if you can’t hear what’s being said in a video; it can be quite frustrating. The best solution for that? Incorporating video captions.

  • You know a modern website when you see it. They’re trendy, yet sophisticated, and professional. Above all, effective modern website designs have adapted to suit current users’ needs and expectations. Here are the 10 must haves for a modern website design.

  • We know that content creation is no easy feat, BUT, when you have content calendar in your tool belt it’ll save you a lot of resources. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can create a successful content calendar that works for your business.


      • Digital Marketing Lead + Project Manager

        Andie Phoon

        Andie is a Digital Marketing expert with four years of experience from the United States. A graduate of the Ohio State University (Latin Hons: Cum Laude), Andie began her digital marketing career by working with different brands like Shell, Panasonic, Reallusion, Lumion, Ohio Health, The Ohio State University, Alliance Bank, Strateq, Qhomes, and much more. When she's not busy being a girlboss, she enjoys working out, playing music, playing video games, traveling, and spending time with her family.

        Andie Phoon
      • Creative Lead

        Diyana Maya

        Diyana, a graduate of Portland State University (Latin Hons: Cum Laude), is an experienced graphic and multimedia designer. Throughout her time in the US, Diyana has worked with brands like Divinity, Bintulu Port, TK Mar, Sub-Basement Studios, Gila Berkarya Productions, Alliance Bank, Lumion Malaysia, and IJM. In her free time, she enjoys illustrating, embroidering, playing music, reading books, and loving her cat.

        Diyana Maya
      • Digital Marketing Specialist

        Tricia Lim

        Tricia is a Marketing Management graduate from University of Birmingham. Throughout the years, she’s pursued her passions in helping her community through teaching abroad and working with children of all ages. She loves to document vlogs and learn new languages for fun. What keeps her going is keeping an optimistic and grateful mindset, enjoying good food and spending time out in the sun.

        Tricia Lim
      • Client Advisor

        Jacklyn Smail

        Jacklyn's passion lies in providing quality solutions and services for many different clients. Her expertise has helped countless clients grow their business and improve their strategies. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her cat, watching anime, spending time with her family, and playing badminton. 

        Jacklyn Smail
      • Business Consultant

        Ray is an Author, International Keynote Speaker & Business Transformation Expert with an extensive background in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership & business within the Technology, Financial Services, and FMCG industries across the globe. 

        Raymond Phoon

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