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We're a dedicated group of experts with strong design, creative, and business credentials.

Medianetic first began in 2003 selling design and technology solutions to any industry. Over time, we've evolved into providing digital experiences, solutions, and services.

While our solutions and services have transformed over time, one thing remains the same: we’ve been solving our clients’ business challenges with real solutions for the real world.

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Many companies search for a purpose. We were born with one.

Having first set out to provide leading technology services, our business naturally grew into digital and other creative ventures. This development gave us the opportunity to bring sustainable and effective solutions to any industry. In time, we’ve helped brilliant businesses and entrepreneurs expand their business in long-term ways.  

While our evolution has been a strategic one, we’ve seen great success in pursuing a diverse portfolio of clients (with their own unique challenges) and providing them with solutions that deliver sustainable growth. 

Our comprehensive skills and creativity have been a great value-add for our clients and they shine so brightly through our work.

Our values

Medianetic value to lead by example

Lead by example

We believe that in order to inspire change, we have to be the change. We’re all unique in our own ways, and we value this greatly. At Medianetic, we want our team to be real, have mutual respect, build trust, speak their mind, actually care, and lead by example.

Growth is important to us in Medianetic

Grow together

Nobody can achieve success alone; teamwork is what makes everything possible. Growing together is a big part of who we are. At Medianetic, we value collaboration, hard work, ownership, a family-based culture, and shared growth through every success/failure. 

We work towards raising the bar

Raise the bar

Raising the bar alone for ourselves isn’t good enough. Because we believe in leading by example, we strive to raise the bar for others and to inspire others to do so as well. We encourage our team to always push forward, go beyond our comfort zones, be curious, and work toward something greater.

Having fun in Medianetic

Have fun + make it count

Being a trailblazer means that we are unafraid to take the leap, but it also means that we enjoy the journey life brings. We believe that having fun at work will help our people enjoy the ride, celebrate the wins/losses, and approach all challenges with positive attitudes. It’s definitely about the journey, and not just the destination.

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What We Do / What We're Good At

We curate data-driven digital strategies and transform them into strong business values and impact.

Since Medianetic first began, we’ve always focused on providing solutions for the real world. Our purpose is clear: to be innovative, creative, effective, and most importantly, different in the marketplace.

As a result, all our digital solutions and experiences use technology in smart, interrelated ways that support businesses in the long run. Through our hard work dedication, we’ve helped our clients through data-driven strategies and optimized digital experiences.

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Our work culture

Our collaborative, family-based culture is something we strive for everyday. As such, our of experts are comprised of multi-talented people from different walks of life and backgrounds, which gives us a unique perspective. 

Our diverse team allows us to innovate exceptional ideas, methodologies, and solutions that truly make a difference in people’s lives.

In order to foster change, we’ve created a safe atmosphere where our colleagues can utilize their skills by taking risks, inspiring and pushing each other, and getting things done right. We believe that a culture of leadership, collaboration, ingenuity, honesty, and trust brings out the best in us and in our clients. That’s what makes us different.

What you can expect from us

We believe in walking with our clients every step of the way. From ideation to delivery, we're with you.

When our clients come to us, faced with their most complicated challenges, we combine our expertise, best strategies, and creativity to deliver the best solutions.

The continued advancement of technology and the impact it has on the digital industry offers new and exciting challenges for organizations to solve. It gives us opportunities to explore the untapped potential digital has in transforming the business narrative and people’s lives.

What’s really exciting is that the digital industry is in its infancy and we’re ready to see how it can be utilised to create real value for people.

Andie Phoon, Head of Digital Marketing +
Co-Founder at Medianetic

Why Businesses Choose Us

Medianetic's heritage is built on learning by doing and doing it well.

Our 17 years of experience gives us strategic, real-world insight into helping companies transform their businesses with real solutions. As technology evolves, the speed of needing to change and stay competitive increases exponentially, which can be challenging for some businesses to keep up. It’s our mission to help our clients transform their digital selves. In this industry, talk is cheap, so for us, we win by taking action.


To create innovative digital solutions, products, and solutions that create a lasting impact on the world and on our clients.


To foster effective digital experiences that transform lives and empower businesses.

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