5 Reasons Why Video Captions Makes Your Content More Inclusive

In our previous blog, we wrote about how inclusive website designs benefit all users, regardless of their abilities. Imagine if you can’t hear what’s being said in a video; it can be quite frustrating. The best solution for that? Incorporating video captions.

10 Modern Website Design Must Haves

You know a modern website when you see it. They’re trendy, yet sophisticated, and professional. Above all, effective modern website designs have adapted to suit current users’ needs and expectations. Here are the 10 must haves for a modern website design.

How to Create a Successful Content Calendar

We know that content creation is no easy feat, BUT, when you have content calendar in your tool belt it’ll save you a lot of resources. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can create a successful content calendar that works for your business.

How Inclusive Web Design Makes a Difference in Your Business

We’re all built differently. It’s especially important that website design should be designed with all kinds of users in mind to ensure no one feels excluded. We dive into inclusive website design, its importance and how you can make your website more inclusive.

Why the Metaverse Matters in Marketing

Design plays an essential role in ensuring that marketing campaigns are successful.

With brands becoming more competitive and customer behavior evolving, you’ll need to find ways…

Why UGC Wins + Brand Examples for Inspiration

If you’re looking to grow your brand reach or simply to connect with your brand followers better, UGC is a great way to start! We explore the different benefits and examples from great brands who leveraged user-generated content in their content strategy.